Using Google Chrome? Or Internet Explorer? What’s wrong with you?

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With lack of understanding for such people, I’m wondering about those people still using Internet Explorer for their daily browsing. Okay, for a while it was fast and easy to use – but now the only reason to use IE should be for testing stuff on multiple browsers.

Before you agree with me: I don’t understand why people are using Google Chrome on their Desktop machines either. Agreed, it is fast – I admit, before I learned about Chromium, I’ve been using it on Desktop and Mobile as well. But now? Nah!

Let’s summarize why Chrome is bad:

  • Location services: By default, Chrome transmits your location and god knows what other stuff to Google. Even when disabling all the related settings and installing all the privacy extensions there are, Chrome keeps happily transmitting your location in many ways – which brings us to the next point:
  • Traffic snooping: Think what you want, but even analyzing all the traffic Chrome sends won’t reveal what it’s doing while you’re not looking. Google has high interest in seeing what you do with your browser. You shouldn’t use GoogleDNS either, although it’s damn fast. Why do you think they offer a free, public DNS service, if not for collecting all your domain queries? Google knows everything, and that’s not just restricted to their search machine.
  • Closed source: Although Chrome is based on the open-source browser Chromium (which by the way should be preferred over Chrome for exactly this reason), the public can’t peek into the source to see what wrongdoings are in there. So feel free to expect things in there that you wouldn’t want in there.
  • Mainstream: Most people I know using Chrome are using it – besides the obvious speed advantage – just because everyone else is using it. Can that be a reason to do something? Have a bridge nearby?

The list would go on, but I’m sure you get the point. You don’t think there is a good alternative with the same advantages? Then you didn’t look well enough. Keep reading!

  • Speed: If you’re using Chrome for the performance advantage, use Firefox Aurora/Nightly with speed add-ons like FasterFox and MemoryFox- oh, and don’t forget to use TCPOptimizer anyway.
  • False sense of privacy: If you seriously think that browsing with Chrome keeps your traffic private and secure, you’re a lost cause. At least consider using Chromium instead – here you can be sure that someone is watching the sourcecode for things that don’t belong in there.
  • Easy & Simple for Newbies: Okay, Chrome is made intuitive and simple, but c’mon, they’ve gone over the top with that. Would you really admit that using Firefox is too complicated for you? Is it that hard?

Again, I could go on – but I’m sure you get the point. Now for quick access and overview, here’s all the software you really need:

  • Firefox Aurora: Aurora is the Beta version of Firefox – so by using it, you can enjoy updates, optimizations and many other advantages earlier than users of the normal Firefox version can. It’s been tested by all the Nightly users, so no need to fear bugs or other problems.
  • Firefox Nightly: Nightly is the alpha version of Firefox – all the new features, improvements and other nice things you can already enjoy long before Firefox Standard or Aurora users can. But expect crashes and bugs every now and then, it’s not a beta – it’s an alpha version. Make sure to try the Android version – I love it!
  • Addons FasterFox and MemoryFox: Using this extensions for Firefox improves browsing and overall system performance significantly. Try using the custom setting of FasterFox and play with all the settings, you won’t be disappointed. Also – MemoryFox has the nice feature of also improving the memory usage of other apps on your system as well.
  • TCPOptimizer: A must-have tool for every Windows user; it tweaks lots of system-settings and can improve the throughput and latency of your internet connection dramatically. For tweaks on other operating systems, check out HMA’s Speed tweaking article.
  • Chromium: Chromium is the open-source webbrowser that Google Chrome is based on. That should be more than enough of a reason to use it.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Ahya, and note that Chromium, Firefox Nightly/Aurora are available for all major OS, even mobile!

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One Response to Using Google Chrome? Or Internet Explorer? What’s wrong with you?

  1. Peer Gynnt says:

    Hi everybody,

    Pete is right (Thnx for your blog).

    G.Chromium is badware in sence of privacy.
    There are several alternatives in which I like working with the SRWare Iron browser (

    Perhaps even better is EPIC. A browser designed with privacy build in right from the start (

    Check it out for yourself and stay ahead of all the nosy organisations.

    Ciao Peer

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