Really good Android apps

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There are tons of android apps, but most of them simply suck. There’s also lots of sites that review apps, but they suck as well. So see below for apps that are REALLY worth installing:

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3 Responses to Really good Android apps

  1. vs4vijay says:

    nice listing.
    i wanna add some more app:
    Best Messaging App: Go SMS Pro
    Information Gathering: TrueCaller
    Hacking: DroidSheep, FaceNiff, dSploit, Interceptor-NG, Overlook Fing, Shark Native
    File Manager: Total commander
    Root App: JRummy’s Toolbox Lite

  2. Grastimer says:

    I want to add couple of apps to:
    The best game: Angry Birds
    The best browser: Dolphin
    The best DLNA application: ArkMC.

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    When programs are hacked or jailbroken, they will run on i – Phone or i – Pad devoid of the license fron Apple.

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