Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 review, root and recovery installation

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SGS4Yesterday I received my SGS4 – finally. Having skipped the SGS3 but being very satisfied with my SGS2 in the past, I decided to pay the high price of 599 € for the SGS4.

Now before going over to the Pros and Cons of it, some basic but important information first that you should consider before getting the SGS4.

  • Speed: Depending on where you live, you can get either the i9500 or the i9505 – or you import the other version for a little more cash. According to my tests and the scores of AnTuTu-benchmark, the differences are rather small but obvious:
    1. Fastest: i9500 (tweaked)
    2. Fast: i9500 (stock)
    3. Slower: i9505 (tweaked)
    4. Slowest: i9505 (stock)
    I don’t think you’ll notice the speed differences anywhere except in benchmarks; both versions are still much faster than other currently avail. smartphones. Still, basically the i9500 can be considered better than the i9505.
  • Color: watch what color-version you get exactly. When getting the “black-mist” color version, don’t expect it to be black. The phones back rather looks like the front of a microwave, very ugly. Of course you can just buy a cover of your favorite color separately.
  • Battery lifetime: the included battery (2600 mAh) simply sucks. No wonder with all that speed and gimmicks, so I recommend to get either a double-battery with extra back-cover (5500 mAh) or a normal-sized battery with at least 3500 mAh. Otherwise you’ll get annoyed by having to charge the SGS4 1-2 times daily.
  • MicroSIM: the SGS4 is using MicroSIM-cards. So either you get one, or cut your current SIM to a MicroSIM using the helpful image from my other blog post.
  • Moving apps to external SD: Very annoying is the fact that you cannot move apps or app-data to your external SD card with the current stock ROMs, so your internal storage will be full after installing a few apps (e.g. the integrated 16GB are actually only 9.25 GB, the rest is used for the system). The currently best workaround against this problem is using the great app Foldermount, which allows to create symlinks and move folders (like large app-data folders) to the external SD card.

Root and recovery installation

I’ve been using CF-Root and TWRP Recovery, other methods did not work for me.

Download: Odin v3.07 incl. SGS4i9505 CF-Root + TWRP Recovery
(Enter download mode by press and holding Volume Down, Home and Power, then flash the .tar.md5 and .tar via PDA in Odin)

Link: XDA thread for TWRP Recovery:

Link: XDA thread for Chainfire CF-AutoRoot:


Pro SGS4 Contra SGS4
  • Bigger display (5″)
  • Sharper + brighter display
  • Speed
  • Higher resolution (FullHD 1080p)
  • Extras (Adapt sound, OCR, Face control, etc.)
  • Infrared (try SmartRemote app!!)
  • Price
  • Battery lifetime
  • Not many custom ROMs avail. yet
  • Integrated space is actually 6.75 GB less (9.25 instead 16 GB)




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  1. Android activity says:

    I dont see any thread where i can download the zip file.

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