Setting up VPN on iOS and Android devices

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Should you experience problems with connecting to a VPN on iOS or Android devices via PPTP protocol, first thing to try would be L2TP protocol. Should you also experience problems here, it’s time to use OpenVPN.

On iOS, you need to have a jailbroken device. On Android devices, there are 2 ways to connect via OpenVPN; one without need of root access using FeatVPN (a tutorial for this will follow) and one where root is needed. Find the instructions here:

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2 Responses to Setting up VPN on iOS and Android devices

  1. Thomas says:

    Just a quick FYI: Root is not necessarily required for OpenVPN an Android. Last month we published FEAT VPN, which brings OpenVPN to Android without root.

    And it works well with HMA. Check out the HMA instructions in section 11 of the how-to on our website.


    • Dunkel85 says:

      Yeah, I tried it on my HTC One V – It said “incompatible device”. Seems to be that way on all ICS devices – is that possible?
      If yes, would be very kewl if you could make it compatible :)

      I have mentioned FeatVPN now @
      Will give FeatVPN a detailed test and write instructions once my Transformer with HoneyComb is back from repair.

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