PiTool cmd v0.1 – Command-line tool for the Raspberry Pi

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Following the GUI-based PiTool v0.2, there’s PiTool v0.1 CMDnow a command-line version available.


  • full system upgrade
  • install/run hexxeh’s firmware update tool
  • show CPU temperature
  • show voltages
  • show clock frequencies
  • clear RAM
  • show internal+external IP
  • show MAC address, sent+received bytes and megabytes

Download: pitoolcmd.zip (142 KB)

Except for showing voltages and clock frequencies, all functions also work on various other ARM-based devices, such as Cubieboard, OLinuXino, Hackberry, ODroidX etc.

As always, I’m open for suggestions on what other things might be useful to add to the app – via comment or email.

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  1. cctsao1008 says:

    very cool and usefull

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