iPad? Never-ever again!

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After I bricked 2 Android tablets, I decided to give the “New iPad” (iPad3) a try.
That was the first and last time I bouth an apple product. Here just one of many cons:

  • no built-in file explorer
  • not possible to download free apps without giving out billing info
  • too small (below 10 inch)
  • password must be entered every few clicks
  • iOS is for newbies and children, not for advanced users
  • not really customizable

Good, old, customizable Android. How I miss it! Ergo – never buy an Apple product!

If you need to decide – I can not recommend those cheap tablets like the Viewsonic 10s – they easily get broken and can’t even be reset’ed. Better get the Asus Transformer TF101G – it’s worth the money!

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