Freetz custom firmware for AVM FritzBox 7270 v3 routers

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FreetzWith the instructions from (alt. newbie version) I’ve built a few firmware images for my AVM! FritzBox 7270 v3. So if you have that router and don’t want to build the firmware by yourself, you can download my version here:

It contains all many features, plugins, modules and everything else that sounded interesting during the selection in the compiling process.

You might also want to check out the image by hehnblog, he included his .config file, so you can use it as template for building your image. Included packages are amongst others: dsld, ip commands from the iproute package, dnsmasq, dropbear, traceroute, tcpdump, and iptables. Based on the German image.

Download: 7270_v3_05.50-freetz-devel.de_20130329-122017.image_config.tar



  • If the AVM webconfiguration refuses to install freetz, your options are:
    - switch the Annex drivers between A and B and/or remove the branding, then try again. I’ve done that with ruKernel (Download). It’s German but website has English tutorials
    - flash Freetz with ruKernel. I had to start it with parameter “-u2” to make the process work
  • Version 1.0: Due to the size limit for images, the archive contains an .external file that you can flash within the freetz webconfiguration onto an external USB device.
  • Version 2.0: This one is using the integrated Downloader for installation of apps. Plugin an USB stick, set the downloader to use
  • Version 3.0: Changed some settings and added even more packages.
  • Having login problems? Disable password as explained here.
  • I’ll keep optimizing the image and expanding its functionality and post future updates here. Let me know if you need a custom build with certain options or packages.
Version 2.0 + 3.0: Downloader usage to install additional apps:

Freetz Downloader


Questions? Leave a comment!

Don’t know what freetz is?
It’s a linux based operating system for Fritzbox routers, which is far more advanced than normal firmwares, allowing the installation of many different applications and server software, e.g. Torrent-client, VPN-clients/servers, Proxyservers/clients, etc.
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10 Responses to Freetz custom firmware for AVM FritzBox 7270 v3 routers

  1. hehnblog says:

    Hey there Pete,

    I’m trying to build a freetz firmware for the 7270v3 as well. I always run into a problem in STEP 2 (Modify), when the patches are applied:

    ERROR: modpatch: Error in patch-file ./patches/7270_v3/110-rc.S-mknod.patch

    I tried different AVM firmwares and checked out the latest version’s from the projects, but no luck. Did you run into that as well and have some advice?


    • Dunkel85 says:

      Hey Thorsten,

      Hmm, that sounds familiar;
      although I had so many errors and had to reconfig/rerun the whole process so many times, I’m not sure anymore.
      I’d suggest you to do the same as I did:
      - use freetz trunk version to build instead of v1.2 or others
      - select “Firmware language: (en – international)” in “make menuconfig” – instead of a localized version
      - use “Firmware version: (FRITZ!OS 05.2x)” in “make menuconfig”

      As image for building the Freetz on I’ve been using this one (in the /dl/fw/ folder)

      Worth a try might also be
      - deselecting “mknod” in Busybox applets –> Coreutils in “make menuconfig”

      The patch file you mentioned doesn’t exist in my build folder, most likely because I’m using a different freetz and/or Fritzbox image version.

      The .config I’ve been using is:

      Hope that is of any help to you.
      If you like, you can also send me yours and I’ll try to get it compiled.



  2. hehnblog says:

    Hi Pete,

    thanks for the detailed answer, I appreciate it. I tried the trunk version, setting the firmware language to english and using the AVM firmware version you used, but no luck so far.

    I ran out of time when searching make menuconfig for the firmware version Fritz OS05.2x, I’ll either try setting it by hand in the .config file or will directly use your .config file. I’ll keep you updated and thanks again for helping,


  3. hehnblog says:


    thanks for providing your config file. Reading it, I noticed that the structure was way different from my config file. I had accidently checked out the branch freetz-1.2. This is newer than the freetz-1.2 download from the project’s website but differs significantly from the repository’s trunk.

    I just compiled a first image successfully and flashed it to my box. I was even able to do this with the most recent German firmware from AVM.

    Again, thank you for your help,

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Hey :)
      Glad to hear that it finally works for you. Ye, I had similar problems with Freetz 1.2 and once I tried a clean checkout of the trunk version, it went well.

      In case you would like to share your image, I can host it on my blog post.
      Also, in case you consider trying debootstrap with your image and Fritzbox, please let me know if it works for you.
      I could not get Debian installed with it, tried everything, it must have smth to do with some hidden setting in the compiling process.

      Have a nice day!


  4. hehnblog says:

    Right, I’m also happy that it is running.

    I’m not planning on putting Debian on my box, I’m good with Freetz. Basically, I was looking for dnsmasq and tcpdump on my Fritz!Box and had heard about the freetz project before. That’s how I got to where I am.

    I’d be happy to share my image along with my config file, thanks for offering. I will still have to play with the settings and test it for a while. Expect me to get to you within the next weeks, this is a side project of mine.


  5. hehnblog says:


    thanks for hosting the image. I’ll come back from time to time to see if questions about my image might pop up. Everyone with questions directed to me, feel free to post them on my article

    Although that blog is in German you’re welcome to post in english if you think that I can be of any assistance.


    • Dunkel85 says:

      Great, thanks for the offer :)
      Also, feel free to link the image file directly on your blog if you want.


  6. Duke says:

    Thanks for providing the download links. Its a great pleasure to have it here.

    You can check the review of AVM Fritzbox 3390 here at

    Hope It will be helpful for the new guys.

  7. Greg says:

    Your blog has definitely helped as I was able to build a freetz image for my 7570

    How did you get around the username and password that needs to be entered.

    I was able to create the freetz image and import the certificates, but could not find the where to put the auth-user-pass to enter my username and password.

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