Stop wasting your computers idle time, CPU power and bandwidth!

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Billions of computers are running without doing anything, or at least without fully using their processing power and bandwidth. What a waste! Why not using your computers idle time for something useful, e.g. to fight diseases, share information and software, or crawl the web? See below for examples what you can let your computer/server do while you’re not using it:

  • apt-p2p: This linux-based package aims to reduce the usage of Linux distribution hosts by sharing packages to other users via DHT. Give it a try!
  • yacy: Yacy is a decentralized search-engine. You can install it on your computer or server and crawl the web, contributing to Yacy or creating your own search engine with it. Check it’s wiki. There’s also a science-related Yacy version called ScienceNet
  • boinc: With boinc you can let your CPU and GPU work for a good cause. It offers many projects for different aims, e.g. finding cures for diseases, predicting earthquakes, search life in outta space, etc. There’s also an Android client!
  • bitcoins: Why not letting your server or computer earn bitcoins for you, that you can even sell for real money? I’m using ufaminer for this on the pool (which seems to be better than in my opinion)
  • sharing torrents (e.g. legal torrents, linux distributions, illlegal torrents *g*): Just download torrents you’d like to share and make known, e.g.  debian or others and share them as long as you like and can spare bandwidth.
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2 Responses to Stop wasting your computers idle time, CPU power and bandwidth!

  1. JohnAdams says:

    Another option you could list is, it pays out with Paypal for idle CPU/GPU

  2. gmadhavi says:

    1) Upload more files, and share with your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or Forums and in Bookmarking sites like Digg .. or Reddit or anywhere! When someone downloads or view your files.., you will earn money!!

    2)Go to your account, Download ‘Ziddu Pay’ App. That application stays on your computer and it won’t disturb your work. Stay more time and earn more!! .. pays out with paypal for idle cpu time

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