Alternative to Bitcoin: A Boinc-like client for exchanging CPU-power for money

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After having played around a lot with Bitcoin, Litecoin (and all those other coin-thingies), a colleague of mine told me of an alternative: CoinGeneration!

You download their client “ThreadManager“, which allows you to run 1 thread for free (takes about 10 % CPU power for me). This generates about $1 per day.

Now you have the option to buy additional threads for $50 each, so each thread would generate about $30 per month. That means if you buy 1 thread, you have 2 threads in total which generate you $60 per month.
So you have your money back and even made additional $10 in the first month,
while every additional month makes you $60 / month respectively $720 / year!
Calculate it: For each $50 you spent, you get $360 per year. (imagine: spend $500 and get $3600 per year for doing nothing!)

It also offers an affiliate system so your referrals (and sub-referrals) generate cash for you.

Try it now: CoinGeneration

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3 Responses to Alternative to Bitcoin: A Boinc-like client for exchanging CPU-power for money

  1. Tony Blackwell says:

    I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy S4i9505 and yes the standard battery sucks, any idea where I could obtain the more powerful battery?

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Yea, I got several batteries from Amazon and Ebay.
      You get stronger ones with same size, and superstrong ones with doublesize.
      I have one of those doublesized ones. Once you get used to the size, having more than 5000 MAH is nice :)
      Holds much longer, obviously :)

  2. Greg H says:


    How well does this work for you?

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